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Monday, June 13, 2011

Bangkok Trip in Year 2009

Bangkok, a very famous Tourism spot. Each year many people from around the world will travel from their country to this place.

 This is the very famous Four Face God which located just at the cross junction of Central World Shopping Complex and as you can see from the picture the building behind the Four Faces God is the Grand Hyatt Hotel. This place is crowed with many people who come to pray for their wish, there is also some schedule Thailand Traditional Dance to be perform over here.

The Grand Palace of Bangkok also you can say this is the Palace of Thailand.

Jade Buddha which sitting inside of a Temple which is located somewhere in the Palace area. This Buddha was migrate from somewhere else in Thailand

You can also see Soldiers marching around from time to time...

This is the Fifth King Palace, and the structure design was mixed with some European Style...

 A view from another side of the River

 This is the Wat A Ron Temple just across the River of Bangkok, Chao Phraya River.Very high and the staircase is almost 30 degree angle... but it worth you climb to the Top... the view is magnificent!

 Handcraft Soup, as i walking thru some street market here I found this fella sitting there keep crafting some Soap in to many kind of Flowers...

Never forget to watch the Ah Gua Show when are there...