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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Most Expensive Camera Body Cap. You want one?

Like many of us having trouble shopping for what we need and then stopping. But it does take more then a bit of flash to shell out our hard earned cash. Enter LockCircle a new body cap being made for Canon EF mount bodies and soon after Nikon F mount bodies. Are these eye catching caps functional or frivolous?
These caps are geared towards professional photographers who take their cameras into extreme environments where the cheaper plastic body cap may not be up for the harsher conditions. Made from solid aluminum they’re designed to seal your camera from the elements and to provide a manageable grip even if you’re wearing thick gloves. The first batch is due to be released August 1st for Canon’s in silver, titanium, and black.

Scroll down for the Video Clip

This is how the Most Expensive Camera Caps are made


Lock Circle Official Website