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Monday, September 19, 2011

200 Hunred Years Old Building converted into A Art Gallery Cafe "Chai Diam Ma"

In a Busy City of Penang Island, Computers, Cars, Dust in your daily life? perhaps you would like to have a break and enjoy your pleasure time at this Chai Diam Ma Cafe... "Chai Diam Ma" a translated word from Hokkien which most of the Penang people use it for daily conversation.

No. 15, Queen Street of Penang Island is where the Cafe Located... you might not able to realize it if you are not really seeking for it because it just a cafe remade from a more than 200 years old shop lot... which still contain the art of it's own...

Queenie, the owner of this cafe, she put all her effort and he
r saving into it and made it happened... She gave the old junk building a new life... She spread the sense of Art over here...

Upstairs is straightly prohibited from visitors during normal days... but it will be open when there is special event going on, The owner will sometimes organizing Talk of Art... Meeting related to art and etc... so if you are interested in it you can always contact with her...

In this cafe also piled up with a lots of reading material such as Travel Magazine, photos books, Novel and etc... definitely here is a good choice of place for you to have your very private reading time ... because during normal days here got less traffic. Here is one of the reading corner which complete with very comfortable sofa... so you can enjoy your reading while you are listening to some owner's choice of Music...I do enjoy it very much...

When you are here, you better not go to the counter and ask, Do you have WiFi here?! The answer will be definitely NO! She will tell you, you already using in your house, your office, others commercial Dinning and Coffee House... Why still you need it?! Here is a place when you can really enjoy your time with your friends, reading and relaxing... Just escape from those unnecessary daily Life...

This chair is more than 30 years old... may be you still can see it at your Grandpa house... This chair is using by Chai Diam Ma at their Dining corner as well... 

Nothing too fancy, but it just creative to use some small notebook to be a Menu.. and guess how it done?! 

The Great moment for those who really like reading...

About the Food here, it truly looks good and delicious! You will never want to miss any of it... get more people here so that you can have variety of choice to taste each of it!

 Say Cheese....!!!!

It is not a cooking place but it is washing basin before and after your Meal! Funny isn't it?!

The Books collection.

I think definitely not strange to you.. Liza Ono, the Bossa Nova Queen from Japan... She is the favorite of the owner... You should get an album of her and you know what I'm saying...Highly recommended.

Pick one if you like it... but of course it is with a price tag...

A pip into the Cafe from the window and this is how it looks like...

They are the Guardian Angels?!

 15, Lebuh Queen, 10200 Geoge Town, Penang.
Biz Hour:
 mon - thurs 11am-2pm; 6pm-9pm
fri-sun 11am-9pm
(closed on tuesday)
GPS Coordinates:
N5.417872, E100.33909