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Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Stay @ Ryokan Chic Hostel

Ryokan Chic Hostel, a name that might be new to you all who are not into Back Packer Style of Travelling... Ryokan a name that translate from Japanese which means Inn.
The Ryokan Chic Hostel Located at Penang Island, Muntri Street. Surrounding here, you can find many historical building and attraction of course since now Ryokan will be one of the Trendy Back Packer Hostel which provide you a comfort staying experience or it can be one of the attraction as well, why I said so it is because it built in a Historical Shop Lot which is more than 100 years old and you can find the wooden door and windows also the corridor which still maintaining the 18 century Design. 
Here is the Check-In counter where you can get your towel, pillow, blanket or event you can rent your motorbike for city tour. The room charge for per bed is RM36 and it provide you with a Pillow, a Double Tacker Bed and a Locker in your room, of course the air conditioner also provided. As mentioned all those will only cost you a small fees...  
Here is the staircase which connect you to the Hostel Rooms and it is decorate with very impressive wall painting as there are APEs!
All your shoes need to be park at the shoe rack which is just located near the staircase as you will need to smell your smelly shoes in your room..!
This are the Japanese wooden shoes which walk you to the bathroom and also the toilet which located at the end of the corridor on the 2 second floor... there is 3 bathroom and 3 toilet, also you can brush your teeth at the basin prepared by them.
Well, on you walk out from you room, you will find this relaxing area just right at the corridor and with very comfortable IKEA furniture. Not only this, you also can enjoy your pleasure time plying with the most trendy gadget as people keep mentioning "IPAD". They place the IPAD here for people who are trying to relax after a long day walk or may be they are waiting for their friends who still in preparing for going out...
We are staying in the ROOM for 4 and here is the it is... you will have 2 double tacker and 4 locker in it... The bed are quite bigger than we expecting but only one thing keep bothering us is it is too noisy when there is someone passing by our room... due the floor is made from wood.
Here also another Wall Paint that of the Shop lots Where I found it at the TV room...
You can have your favorite TV program, or you can have your gang of friends chit chatting here...
We was having our pleasure time here reading some travel guide after a whole day walk... the is the cafe which located the Ground Floor of the Ryokan Chic Hostel... here decorated with quite number of painting and each of them are quoted with Pricing.
I find the chairs here are quite unique as well...
You can have your order over here.... of course I will definitely will order one of my favorite Coffee which cost me only RM3. 
Here is the Washroom down stair and the door which lead you to the twin room located just beside the TV room.

Ryokan @ Muntri Street
62 Muntri Street 
10200 Georgetown 
Penang, Malaysia

Tel: (+604) 250 0287
Fax: (+604) 250 0288