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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Penang Air Itam Asam Laksa

The Sky is full of Black cloud and it really look like it's going to rain! but we never pulled ourselves off.  we made our step even faster to the near by Asam  Laksa store which is near to the Penang Hill, Air Itam.
This very famous Store is just located beside the wet market and you would not able to find parking here unless you park further and walk to the Laksa Store...
Everything looks messy to you? It don't really looks that tasty to you? Hmmm... once you get it into your mouth you will never regret that you are here...! The taste of the soup, the Laksa Mee and even the fish is just yummy... 
They are here for more than 10 years and here is always crowed with local people or tourist... The uncle is always busy with separating and moving all the Laksa Ingredient  in to the bowl and one of his stuff is always busy with pouring the Laksa soup into the bowl completed with Laksa ingredient.

Location Jalan Pasar, Penang
5 minutes walk from Kek Lok Si Temple, 5 minutes walk from Kedai Kopi Wah Meng
char kuey teow stall is located just across the road from the laksa stall, in a true old style restaurant.
Assam Laksa Air Itam Market
Pasar Road (Beside the Air Itam Market)
11500 Air Itam