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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A very pleasant morning @ 多春茶室

This is not what you think... as it is not a Coffee shop or either a Restaurant but just a Chinese store who serve Malaysia style Breakfast at a corridor or to be more accurate is back lane of the shop lot... 多春茶室
Properly you will ask, so what is so special about this place and crowed will all these people showing in the picture?

Another view from across the Road...

Special! This coffee will blown you away when you taste it... It just something tastiest that you ever had... It is really hard to get something as good as this nowadays... The RM1.4 is just worth it..!

Half boiled Eggs... is definitely will make you a complete morning with Energy...! Not too over cooked and not to Raw... it is just at the right timing ... 

The traditional way of making good coffee with these equipment, nothing special... just some ordinary things that we see during our normal at the normal coffee shop... Hmm... Well, let me zoom out a bit...

 See carefully, spot what is abnormal in the picture?! 

 This is the stove that boiling the water for the drinks... and it also a tool to make the very delicious toast bread! 

The worker always squat here to toast the bread... The passionate of him, made everyone who visiting the Store can really enjoy a great toast bread before they heading to their office or their next destination...

5 to 6 slices of bread can be slot in to the stove at every each time... and it take about 5 to 10 minutes to make the bread toasted...

After the bread toasted then it will be send to here for applying the Jam as what we have Peanut butter or Kaya or Kaya butter..!

This is how it look like when it served... Looks good and even better when we put into our mouth...Yummy!

多春茶室 Located at the Campbell Street...Get there early in the morning or it will be too pack~!