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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Farewell of an Art Gallery at Melaka

During our walk at the small lane of the Historical City, Malacca. We discover this Art Gallery located just inside one of the very old building... this building used to be a residential. The artist rent it to become a Art Gallery, but unfortunately the Gallery will be retrieve by the owner for other purposes... So the fate of the Gallery will end here... and you will never find it again when the next time you visiting Malacca.

We are are so thankful to the artist that he let us to take photos in the Gallery to become our memorable visit... He also a very friendly guy, who explain a lot of things to us as our visit to here... He do not even own a mobile or contact info for us to contact him in near future... What he left with us is just a Smiling Face and a warm Farewell GoodBye... What we hope is, may be someday he will become famous and we can still see him or revisit his new gallery again...

Here is the place where he always paint his Dream...

The Kitchen, according to him... there is some local producer came here for filming before... do you able to recognized it?

You might never found this paper clip nowadays... it is truly antique...

This the patio located at the center of the house... this kind of design definitely is more than 100 years old... according to Chinese Feng Shui, it will bring the resident the fortune... but why not to him?

The painting collection from him, now they worth not even a penny but who knows what will all these become? A fortune or Rubbish... this will need to ask GOD.

There is more than 100 pieces of painting in the Gallery... perhaps some audience will really know how to appreciate it.