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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Largest Wonderland at Beijing but is already been Abandon for 14 Years

The Google Maps Showing the largest Theme Park in Beijing... This is a Theme Park named "Wonderland".  Even the Shanghai Disney Land not as big as it is... but unfortunately it already been abandon for more than 14 Years. This mighty Theme Park was build on the ground of 北京昌平 (chenzhuang) Chan's village. Due to the argument withing the China Government and the villagers about the dollar sign, the project for to be abandon . Till now there is no any action been taken about it.

Look at the view from far... I would say it will be shack the world when its done...but now it just another useless wastage. In the photos also showing that one of the villagers walking into the park.
Recently, they is more and more people come here for adventure... photos taking or some sort of others activity.

Car Park of the theme park and the view of othere structure behind. 

Another path on the structure which nearby the entrance of the "Abandon Wonderland". For some reason I sure about the argument, what is the structure really completed... wouldn't be a great benefits to the villagers? 

The Main Entrance of the Wonderland. You also can see the Logo of the Wonderland...which already completed... What a waste I would say... but in another way ... How can the project already kick off which there is still Agreement within the China Goverment and the Villagers?! 

Look at it, I believe the investor already loaded tons of Cash into this project and yet it can't be done.

 The Ground even started to crack after 14years.

After the snow fall on to the path, it made the picture more attractive...

From inside the building...looking out to some gap.

Imagine how crowded it will be when the Theme Park completed. It definitely will be one of most attractive Tourist Point in Beijing...

But now what left is just some wastage and grass....

The local villagers are in the middle of destructing partial of the Wonder Land structures. I think it useful to them because it can be turn into money...

Some of the place inside the Wonderland compound already be used for plantation by the local Villagers... They are working hard to make their life out from planting corns here.

The uncompleted mega steal structure... Do you know what it main for?

The Notes to threaten the Ghost? No entry Warning? No, this is a note that saying here already been sprayed of plantation medication... so be careful.

Local farmer walking through the Structure to start his work of the day....

At your Own Risk...

Till now there is no one willing to dump money for dis mental all these building...

The Wonderland with full of Corns.... Does it look haunted to you?! 

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