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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Last Tin Dredges in Malaysia "錫米鐵船"

I find tin mining to be an interesting subject. Sadly there are probably only two old tin dredges left in the country, 1 in Selangor (which can be seen when flying in/out from KLIA) and 1 in Perak.
There were 2 in Selangor until about 2007 when one was sold and sent overseas. The one in Perak, TT5, is at Chenderong, near Tanjung Tualang. In 2005 there were plans to save the dredge and turn it into a tourist museum. Work began but the project was never completed. Then in Apr 2007 similar plans were revived. The dredge finally opened to the public in Feb 2008, and packages include guided tours – inside the dredge, a trip to a tin mining museum and in the future there will be movies on how the 4,500 tonne giant works. However in Nov 2009 it was announced that funds were needed to save the dredge from sinking, it has started tilting and the pontoons need repairing. Tours are now resticted to the lower deck. I hope there will be enough interest to save this piece of Malaysia's industrial heritage.

The Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge carries the serial number T.T. No. 5. or you may call TT5. It was built in 1938 by W.F. Payne & Sons. During that time, there were at least forty tin dredges in operation in the Kinta Valley. T.T. No. 5 is believed to be the biggest of them all. Today, the landscape of the area is characterized by a series of mining pools. In Tanjung Tualang, many of these tools have been sold or turned into freshwater prawn farms.

I was glad that I still can be one of the witness who can still amaze by the Glory of this Tin dredges.

 This is the part where I find is the most interesting part of the Dredges... it will be push into the water... and start digging... I really wonder how deep is this digger goes under the water...

All the parts of the ship are made from steal.

The internal processing department of the Tin Dredges.

~ The End ~