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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Most Secretive Country on Earth, North Korea

Recently I heard the news 金正日 the leader of North Korea is death and the power being transfer to the 3rd son... This triggered me to dig and search how it looks like being a the Most Secretive Communist Country on Earth?

As it is not an open country so tourism are quite restricted in this country, you may got your chance to visit this country but you are not allow to take picture in many places and they will be a special guide touring along with you during your time in this country... Hardly people post, talk, see how is the country look like and even they already built a 3000 rooms hotel also not really a huge news to the

As along the search I  made... some found something quite interesting would like to share it here...

To the citizen of North Korea, the leader is somehow equivalent to a God for them. You really can see many statutes and wall painting everything where in the country...such as library, train stations, and others public area...

Very High Ranking people...

After the High Ranking people, definitely there is some small soldiers. These are the soldiers during their marching, for them every citizen need to serve the soldier training for 6 years... which during these time they are not able to communicate with their families as the country are lag of communication tools or what we call  Hand phones or email.

To me, these structure look like prison to me ... or you might think these building do look like the Hong Kong of the the older days... The building without painting and looks very old... seem like it will collapse any time.

The police standing in the middle of the road for? observing the traffic or ? 

Badminton Racquet was use to be the dancing tools during some festive season... Is this or joke or art? you judge it yourself...

Never expect to see Fun Park here ... and it still having power source during the night but dare you to ride??

This is truly a antique but you still can find these people using it to transport some goods at North Korea.

Looking at the PyugYong Hotel, the largest hotel in North Korea. The North Korea Iconic  hotel consist of 3000 rooms and 105 stories high, it was abandon for 16 years due to lag of resources and technology... it finally completed by year 1992. 

The Cold mee is Korean traditional delicacy... I was recalled of a Japanese Chief after seeing this pictures... A Japanese chief who serve 金正日 for more than 13 years who already went back to Japan... and now he forced to wear bullet proof armor for the rest of his life... This is to avoid he get into assassination due to he know too much about the passed away Great Leader of North Korea.

Of course museum can be found in this country as well... here is a corner of displaying the older days weapon, flag of US and the drawing of US army surrender themselves in the war...

There are many more about North Korea... You might need to spend sometimes on digging and reading, I find it quite interesting and might be my travel place... sometime.

resources picture from a great photographer 
Eric Lafforgue