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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why not Using Camera Internal Flash?

Why not using Internal Flash when they already built in?!
Most of the Camera on the Market do built in with Internal Flash, that would Great! You can shoot with it even during the night, but is this really work for you? No! it does not help you at and might even destruct your photos or your subject...

During the Large Event
Never thought you can light up the field or the people on the stage with your camera built in flash... You can see people like to flash during when they are in the stadium, concert or even when they trying to capture night scenery... As for your information, you flash could only flash to the distance max at 20 feet or below... so it is useless when you flash it but still they are many people other keep trying and trying without understanding the properties of the flash.
It might help you more when you Off it specially when you trying to capture some night scenery.

Flash through the Glass
When you are visiting the Aquarium please do not use your internal Flash, because the light will reflect to your images... and you won't able to capture the fishes in the the Aquarium. Also you might get sudden blind by the flash. 

 Flat Screen Display
when you meeting with something that consist of Flat Screen Display, please off your flash when you shooting it. Properly place the thing, and use your camera with longer exposure mode... this will help you a lot on your image quality. 

Non Moving Object
When you want to shoot anything that not moving, you can off your flash and take some passion on shooting... This make your picture more natural and less reflection from the Object. Try it out then you will know how wonderful the combination of the natural light and your object.

Portrait Capture
This kind of image is totally result from the internal flash direct shower on your object.

Also please do remember the internal flash direct flash to the baby is quite a hurt to theirs eyes... so when you are shooting them, please do not use your internal flash.

Useless Internal Flash?
No way that I can use my internal Flash?! Not really... you can use it during Day time when the sun is too bright, and you want to eliminate the dark shadow on the object face... just like the image above. With the combination of the environment brightness and the flash, it will result some lovely image.

 Another Environment, Total Dark
There is a environment that you must need the internal flash, which is you are in total dark... and you got no choice.

When you really want to use the internal flash, please consider the suggestion below
1. Tune down the power on your internal Flash. Get the best result out of it.
2. Try to get some internal flash difuser for it.   

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