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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My 1st Sunrise on Year 2012 @ Genting Highland

Genting Highland,  a place that I come quite frequent but this is the 3rd time I come for Sunrise Shooting and it is the 1st time after a new chapter of year which is 2012.

6:15am in the morning and the weather is so cold, the wind is slashing our face once we step out from the car. I  was the 1st one who step out from the car... of course I will be 1st person who done everything and gear up for the shooting... see they are still in the middle of searching and mounting...
This round friends who tag along are KS, Panther and the Lazy Derrick Yap who were still sleeping in the car.

While still waiting for the Sunrise I trying some shoot pointing to the Genting Highland First World Hotel, That day was very foggy and hardly can see the building, it took me a while for this shoot...

This is another one, but I realize there is another car "Kancil" was dumb here as well. I saw it when I last time I came for Pre Wedding Photo Shoot... It was not here when the 1st time I came... I wonder who is the fella who dumb such a huge junk over here... and also this time I found many rubbish as well... such a nice place can just destroy by human being...

The Panoramic view of Genting Highland Sunrise! But the Sun not came out yet... HA..!

Without the cloud, you can clearly see the mountain from far... sometime it covered by all the cloud... you will feel like you are just wanted to lying on it! 

Finally the Sun try too hard to climb out from the Fog... It just too Gorgeous.

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