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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My very First Time of Body Art Photography

This is the very 1st time I try to have this concept in my photography collection. Body Art or you may call it Body Paint. I was searching for a MUA who willing to help me to do such a work on a model body...
I truly appreciated what had done by the Make Up Artist Rainne. Although she is just quite new in this line but she did 100% concentration on what she done on her work... Also never want to miss the chance to give some credit on the model who is non professional model and she is willing to try and put a 100% trust on me for doing this.
Olive is her nick on Facebook, you also can find some of her photos over here “The Silent Wave”.

I rented a very Room near Puchong, by the name of Hotel 99 which I think due to it is just a budget hotel and the room was entirely small... but luckily the bathroom is usable. 

May be this is the very first time for Olive to have such kind of photo shooting, somehow she is not quite comfortable with it as she was ask to just leave the a piece on her... but I was still glad she can make it. For me, this is quite a satisfaction for the 1st time. I'm in planing to do the second time... by then I will get everything in prepared due I already gained experience from this time, hope it will turn up to be better than this time.

The photos was take with Canon 50mm f/1.4 and remote single Speedlite.