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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

iberry a Chic Word with a Cute Accent = The Ice Cream in Thailand

Iberry a chic word with a cute accent is the name of the first local premium ice cream store in Thailand. iberry is a compound word derived from “i” which stands for ice cream and “berry” that are small berries. Putting it together, iberry means ice cream and berries.

Iberry was established in1999 from the devotion of two siblings, Wiwat and Atchara Burarak; Khun Koi and Khun Pla. Both of them are a new generation who are fond of ice cream so much that they aim to create high quality ice cream that suit to the zest and zeal of modern Thais’ lifestyle. Therefore, they set up their first humble ice cream shop in Soi Sukhumvit 24 and soon had become very well known by words of mouth. 

Iberry is an alternative for those who have appetites for sumptuous homemade frozen ice ball with production that pays attention to every details. iberry selects only finest ingredients from fresh raw materials and natural fragrances. Its recipe is health conscious without any unhealthily process such as gas injection or the use of artificial colors and fragrances.

Iberry delight texture is credited to the original recipe from a famous European cooking school in Vienna & Italy. Khun Koi; the production executive of iberry, has devoted himself in developing the ice cream collection and so far has come up with more than 100 recipes. 

Iberry is the center of multi-style ice cream, whether it is Italian-style Tiramisu with the scent of alcohol, the Japanese-style herbal ice cream such as Green Tea, Black Sesame, White Sesame, or the American-style ice cream such as Cookies n’ Cream, Chocolate Chip, Banana n’ Cheese, and so on...

Iberry offers various fruit flavor ice cream from all over the world; especially, its Thai tropical fruit flavors signature ice cream such as Garcina (Ma-dun), Tamarind (Mak-ham), Santol (Gra-ton), Gooseberry (Ma-yom), Lychee (Lyn Chee), Wild Orange (Som-jeed), Durian (Turian), Mangosteen (Mahng-koot), Mango (Ma-muang), and Aromatic Coconut (Ma-prao Nam Hom).

The introduction of these Thai savory sorbets which are rotated seasonally is an idea of Khun Pla; iberry’s Marketing Executive, to add value to Thai local fruits.

Iberry 100% Thai Fruit flavor ice cream is the induplicable charm of iberry which is as exotic and as natural as real fruits themselves in a way that their tastes are directly derived from natural ingredients which are varied by sources of fruits, types of breeds, and stages of ripeness. iberry insists not to add any unnecessarily food flavor to preserve the original tastes of fruits in its ice cream. 

Iberry ice cream is chilled at 180 F with imported Italian refrigerators to preserve its original flavor until the scoops are served. 

For take away, the ice cream is carefully packed in colorful ice-cream carton to ensure that its quality will be as same as those served in the iberry store.

Iberry shop is the ice cream shop that owners pays high attentions to the store design; both interior and exterior, as well as all details of it decorations. Each branch provides warm and chic atmospheres with its own decoration theme that offers various sensations and touches to its clients. 

This is why iberry has become a place for trendy people to hang out and a venue for those who want to “see and to be seen”. Its J Avenue branch is always crowded in Saturday and Sunday evening, while the branch at Siam Square Soi 2 is popular amongst teenagers who do not hang out late and prefer ready-to-serve kind of light meal. 

You can now treat yourself at 11 branches of iberry shops around the shopping area - Siam Square Soi 2, Siam Paragon (G floor), Central World (2nd floor), Market Place (Thong Lor), Esplanade (M floor), Future Park (G floor), La Villa (Soi Aree), Piyarom Place (Sukumvit 101), Major Ratchayothin (2nd floor), Central Festival (Phuket), and Nimanhemin Soi 17 (Chiang Mai).

Iberry fan who are familiar with iberry ice cream flavors may recognize our ice cream that is served in premier restaurants, five star hotels, and posh cafés. The confident from these connoisseurs confirm iberry ice cream superb quality.

Iberry catering is for those who would like iberry to be a part of their fun activities. iberry catering lightens up your party with friendly staff, cool ice cream stand, and your favorite iberry ice cream.

Iberry business strives to be regarded as Thailand’s homemade ice cream of the international standard. iberry is dedicated to providing an outstanding quality ice cream that exceeds your expectation, whenever possible. We would be flattered if you order our ice cream for distribution or for indulgence. Come-on, feel free to contact iberry at             +66(0)2-756-1300      

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