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Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Coffee Journey with Full Of Beans Cafe

Nowadays you may find many cafe around you, specially when you are in Penang Island... but when we come to Straits Quay purposely to visit Charlie Brown Cafe... during our walking here, we found something new and attracted by the sign outside hanging on the wall.

Full of Beans, this name need no more introduce. You might already able to guess this is the cafe which serve you coffee....

This is not just an ordinary cafe, but they serve you handcraft Coffee... If you want to find Coffee maker, other accessories or you might want to have a book to learn more about Coffee... this will be your right place to visit.

Majority of the coffee beans of Full of Beans are imported from Taiwan. The coffee beans are freshly ground, and the aroma... 

All kind of Coffee Beans imported from other countries are displaying on this shelf for you to buying.

The owner even written some books for coffee lover to know and understand more about coffee...

Cafe Latte Hot & Cold is what we ordered after we gone through... I personally quite enjoy the Cafe Latte, because are easy to tell the taste of the coffee and the smoothness of the coffee... also at some place you might able to see pattern showoff from the cafe itself...
Ops let's come back to this cafe latte, The smoothness of this latte is phenomenon, it is so smooth and smell so good... but just wondering why they serve with this kind of cup... I still prefer the short wide cup, that's the culture of coffee and still give much pressure when I having it.

As you can see those equipment are specially for hand made coffee... The price are definitely reasonable and affordable, if you want to get one for your homes you can actually get consultation from the owner here... They are more than happy to serve you with their rich experience.

That is one of the vacuum type coffee maker sitting on the table and the owner here using it to make coffee for you.

Look at her, she is explaining to the customer very carefully and teach them how to make a cup of good coffee... Timing and Temperature are very important to make a cup of Good Coffee... You might think is just too easy to make one but it is not.

Cooking a cup of Coffee in progress... and of course passionate is much important to cook it.

If you like to have a cup of good coffee during your leisure, you might want to consider this place and it is quite cozy in here and the environment are good... less tables and less chairs is the key to lower down the crowd and give you some peace and quiet feel...

Straits Quay Marina Mall, 
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang 3, 
10470 Tanjong Bungah, Penang

Tel: 0164119066


Business hours: 10am-10pm

Web Page