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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Smoky Jack Ribs & Steak House will Never to be Seen Again

After 15 minutes walk from our hotel... and after some guiding from the road side people... we finally come to the Upper Penang Street which row up with many pubs and bistro. Opposite these Pubs and Bistros is the quite renowned Disco call Voodoo.

We are here for our dinner, but this round we not trying some local delicacy but a very unique Western Restaurant which serving Fusion and Western Food. Smoky Jack Ribs & Steak House is the only restaurant here which serving very delicious western food.

Smoky Jack just right beside the Segafredo cafe. This is how it look like when we 1st step into the restaurant. The restaurant here display with very unique type of furniture and decoration... many wooden door and windows are placing on the ceiling. Not to mention about the Environment, just the decoration already worth our visit to here.

 We were seated right inside one of the table in a big steel tank, the tank consist of 3 tables where can can seated about 12 customers. The service here are quite efficient we are served with the Menu immediately right after we are sit. 

This is where we seated, I was wondering what is this... ? It is the tank from the oil truck or the owner just simply made one to be a special decoration in the restaurant?

View from our table looking into the restaurant. 

The tank is actually attach to the restaurant Window. You can enjoying the people walking outside the street while you having your food. Many tourist walking through this street, so it actually quite interesting when you looking outside.

The tank is not only the attraction of the Smoky Jack Ribs & Steak House... but all these also very impressive when you look at it... Those are chair for customers to sit on... Wondering where on earth does the owner got the idea from....

This is how it look like when you sitting on it... It kind of cool when you are in here... it is totally different the rest of the restaurant which we went before..

When you move your line of sight to the top, you will notice that you can't actually see the ceiling, because it already been covered up with all these antique wooden door... it not just few pieces but it many of it.

All the electrical switches also covered up but this antique wooden door... even the lock also from the earlier century.

Before the food are served we are served with coke cola, does it look cool when the coke cola actually look like this?
According to one of the waitress over here... The Restaurant will no longer to be like this after Chinese New Year of 2012.... The owner decided to renovate the restaurant all over again with luxury design. So if when you are here next you might not able to see how Smoky Jack actually look like anymore... She even ask us to take more pictures about this restaurant to a good memories of ours.
We might want to pay another visit to here after some months... let see what kind of new design does this Smoky Jack turned into...

Our order... The salmon Salad ! When I was walking around in the restaurant, I noticed there is a trophy displaying in one of shelf and on the trophy there is a written, this restaurant won the Best Restaurant in Year 2011.

Carbonara Spaghetti if one of my wife favorite and it truly delicious...

Pork Ribs! of course I will never give up my chance to have a good taste of this food... I heard it is one of most order in this restaurant...!

@ Upper Penang Road just beside Segafredo. 

3H-3I, Upper Penang Road 
10000 Georgetown

+604 2628826

Business Hours: 
Lunch: 12pm to 3pm; Dinner: 8pm to 10:30pm