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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ban Ruam Thai or Pang Ung Ban Ruam Thai or Pang Ung

  Ban Ruam Thai or Pang Ung Ban Ruam Thai or Pang Ung is 44 kilometres away from Mueang Mae hong Son. Take the route to Pha Seau waterfall until reach Ban Na Pa Paek and then turn left and keep go on for another 6 kilometres. Tourrists will see variety of hilltribe people. Try fresh coffee from the field. Behind the village is a beautiful lake and evergreen forest area. There are also the place for camping and accommodation to stay.

Ung means the low land that water is held. In the past, this area of Pang Ung was the opium plantation run by hill tribes. Now they grow colorful winter flowers and herbs that are useful for Thai food and medical. Travel and learn the lifestyle of hill tribes, sip fresh coffee from the plantation. Pang Ung is the place for those who love fresh cold air and beautiful mountain and lake view.The project provides accommodation and tent. 

Early in the morning at 4:45am, A stop by at our guest house's main door... It is time for us to travel to Mae Hong Son... before we going to there, we will be stopping by at some of the attraction point... Along the we met some heavy rain and our journey become more slower and difficulty... When we reach here already quite late...

Our van need to parked here and take another vehicle to the peak...