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Monday, March 19, 2012

Friendly Hospitality from Baan Pai Roong

The first impression to me, the boss are very friendly and very helpful. 
Early in the morning after of breakfast at Baan Tawan Guest House we quickly hop on to our rented bike and hunting for another hotel near by the town... not we was suppose to rent a hotel at the town which is very famous, but unfortunately it was fully occupied. Not more than a minute we came to another hotel, after we check out the price, we think it is too expensive then we turn to this Baan Pai Roong just opposite of it....

The boss are very friendly and he let us check the room before our confirmation... also he is well speaking in Mandarin and English. After some conversation with him, we knew that he is not from local and from Hat Yai.

You can enjoy the sunshine during you bath in the bathroom... and it just located at the right hand side of the door entrance.

Although the fan is provided, but we never use it. The weather is just too nice to sleep with.

At night we were siting here enjoying the Music Party across the street... 

Coffee, Tea, Biscuit Bread and other snacks are here for you to eat and drink whenever you want... 

Baanpairoong Co.,Ltd. 79 Moo 3 Viengtai Pai

089-6596669, 086-9572333, 081-9118050