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Monday, March 5, 2012

From Chiang Mai to PAI

10:00 AM in the Morning, we are here at the PAI Services Tour waiting for our Van to PAI. A Place where we need to travel 762 curves to reached.

Pai (Thai: ปาย) is a small town in northern Thailand's Mae Hong Son Province, near the Myanmar border, about 50 miles/80 km north of Chiang Mai on the northern route to Mae Hong Son. It lies along the Pai River. The town has thesaban tambon status and covers parts of the tambon Wiang Tai of Pai district.

This is the Van will carry total of 9 passengers to the PAI Town including us, supposing we wanted to take Flight from Chiang Mai Airport to PAI, it only will take us not more than half an hour but unfortunately the Flight was fully booked as it only able to fly with 12 passengers and only per trip to PAI on each day. Hmm, no choice, we have to travel for more than 4 hours to reach our destination.

Still remember in Year 2010, we also travelling with the same Van Services and also stop at the same spot during our journey from Chiang Mai to PAI... This place had some slight renovated but still give the same old feeling, and the people here are still very friendly... but... 

When I turn around my Head and I saw this appearing from no where... Wow! Only 2 years, A Guest house with a Coffee Shop has built up just right next to the small coffee shop...

Recently PAI has appeared on the Thailand tourist map and has received major infrastructure upgrades, so I  believe this Guest House also built within a Year time.

We have 15 minutes allowance to rest at this spot... so we decided to walk around this Guest House and have some pictures taken...

Our first Lunch in PAI after we get out from the VAN! Not sure what it call but it is delicious... and only cost us about RM5.

This is my fried rice...!! Stay Tune for more when I'm in PAI... 

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