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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cheryl & Khaymun Participated in Studio Make up Experiment

This round we greatly had both of them Khaymun and Cheryl who totally new in Posing and Studio Photo Shooting. As to cooperate with Rainne the MUA who wanted to have her own profile as a Make Up Artist, we together with DC the studio owner made this happened.

Here I will display 2 models who kind enough to spend their time with us in the studio and 1st model name Khaymun who carrying the Make Up of more to Happier and Sparkling.

Coming up is another Make Up Concept "The Angel".

Cheryl is another participant which able to carry more Glamour Style and we had her on this Make Up. "The Glamour Me"

The Last we enhance the Make Up style to more Heavier Feel which we call it "The Colour of Tear".

Total of 4 Styling Make Up spent almost 8 Hours to complete... After all everyone felt so tired... Everyone of us felt so Happy after the Result we achieved. 

For the rest of the photos you may visit my FlickR.

Never The End I would like to say Thanks;

DC Studio
Rainne Yap
Cheryl Chua
MS Wong
Derrick Lim