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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Melaka, Our Destination Today

 Morning, after an hour drive we came to the Pasar of Seremban. As we are on our way heading to Melaka but we decided to stop by here to have a taste of Local Famous Food Suid MeeHun which can be found at Store 787 at the 1st Floor of the Pasar.

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Here also can found some other delicious Food like Beef Noodles... but this seem not to be like normal beef noodles which I had before... Look at it you might wonder how it taste and I only can tell you one word... Delicious!

Why all the dishes are display on a long table? This is to be easy for customer to choose and pick up, this is the MIX Rice store which another Malaysia culture and never been seen in other places ... 
Buffet Style Economical Rice.

Malaysia Style Pasar which not strange to all the people who go there daily every early in the morning... To me is kind of Fresh Experience and really long time I never been to Pasar so early in the Morning..

The 1st place we stop in Melaka is the parking opposite this Building, the Bangunan Madonna is never strange to everyone who visited Melaka before and it only located walking distance from the Red House.

Church Francis Xavier which built at year 1849 just siting between the Bangunan Modanna and the Red House.

As usual this is the scene behind the 馬六甲 中華雞粒飯, every time we came here also can see some people queuing up to be seated. Is a must try Food when you are in Melaka!

 This is our walking experience on the Melaka Street, what we saw and what we snaped.


There are the hand craft wooden door that we found in front of the 福建會館. 
The Dragon Design that we usually see on many Chinses Hand craft wooden door.


A temple which more than 100 years that locate near to Jonker Street.

Wondering where is this? Ha, this is another shop that we discover just right opposite the Calanthe Art Cafe which selling also Chicken Rice Ball... It's empty as it not as famous as other, but still never disappointed me... quite nice to eat.

Tricycle, a transport which used at the older day in Melaka but now already been using for Tourist Attraction.

In the evening, we came to this River of Melaka. Although it not looking too well during the day time, but in the evening .. it turns into another kind of Romantic Environment. 

Another view from the river side... 

The Back Lane of Melaka...near to Jalan Tan Cheng Lock

When you come to Melaka definitely you have to try the local Delicious Nyonya Food and this is what we had during our dinner near to Jonker Street. 

The next day morning while we are heading towards Jonker Street Hunting for our Breakfast...
Everything seem to be very peaceful, and no one else is on the Street... too early for tourist to come here?

The old man is selling sweet which they call it "Dang Dang Tong" as when they selling it, they will use metal tool to cut the sweet into small piece, the action will result some "dang dang sound" so the people call it Dang Dang Tong.

A warm smile on the old man face says it all...

During the older day, all the houses are displaying with these kind of signage.


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