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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Serving 13 Different Kind of Delicious Coffee...

It was 35 degrees on the street and we just can't take it anymore after some walking we have done. So "Calanthe Art Coffee" become our stepping stone or you also can call this Cafe as "13 States Cafe". 

Giraffe welcome you !

We found our seat here just right beside a great Painting of 
don't know who... Wakaka.

Here is the middle of the cafe, Sun shining down thru the patio... The temperature is just so right... for a relaxing moment... of course never the less I need to order a cup of Latte to match with the current environment.

Corner where give couple some peaceful moment... when they want to look at each other for a longer moment....

Funny! Hanging  a Cigarette Poster on the wall... but still there is a slogan under it, "Smoking is Good BUT not smoking is even better!".

Don't just look at the Sign or the wording... please look at the wall surrounding it, see it full of ants?!

Malaysia 13 States Coffee
You can order through the Menu provide by the Cafe...

My Lucky Number !!

Wondering where they got so many of these...

TV is empty by placed with an Aquarium...

Here is the front part of the shop which equipped with Air Conditioning.