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Saturday, August 4, 2012

足跡 新里程碑 . The Hidden Art Deli Cafe

After some search and asking around the local people, we are finally here at the Art Deli Cafe which is quite famous on the Internet, many bloggers recommended this place not just because of the coffee here are good but also the Environment here are just Great.

This cafe is hiding at a very small lane of Pub Street, if you are not paying attention when you are seeking for this place, I can tell you, you will never find it.
The cafe is small but it has 2 floor to serve you. and the everything here such as furniture and decoration will definitely attract your eyes. 
As the building are more than 100 years old, so you might find the wall are not so well painted but yet this might be a sign of art to you? 
The owners here are came from all over the world to share their ideas and creation with the people who appreciate it. 

We are now at the Second floor of the cafe and you can see you can have a very comfortable seat at the sofa from the owner prepared for you.

It's for sell.

This is the Menu.

I find this small stool very nice, I really want to get back with me.

Our Cafe Latte is on the table...

You can find tons of books at the corner here at 2nd floor for your reading also there is large LCD for your joyful time... also a very unique thing is you can find a bath tub right at the middle of the 2nd floor... I never display the photos here... come to see it by yourself.

Another consider secretive and most attractive part of the cafe is the small corner tuning to the staircase where leading you to the second floor... 

Decoration here are something totally different from the whole cafe concept, here decorated with the style of Nepal or even India, you will definitely will be inspire with the contrast of the colour here.

Look at here, every corner is displaying with the artist creation, you can just pick up whatever things you like...

Location : Alley West, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Hours : Tue - Sun 700am-1100pm