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Saturday, August 4, 2012

足跡 新里程碑 . La Boulangerie-Café

Cambodia used to be French colonial so here in Siam Reap are influenced by French cultural, for people who like French cuisine definitely will not want to miss it when you visiting Siam Reap.
La Boulangerie Cafe is a small cafe which located near to Pub Street as well who serve very decent and healthy French Cuisine...
You might also able to find many hawker selling French cuisine on the street but if you want to have it as your breakfast, sorry you won't able to see them in the Morning as they only will come out in the afternoon or evening.

After a Hot afternoon hopping around outside, we decided to have a small rest here and of cause to cure our hunger. 
In the afternoon you may not find this place crowed but is just nice to enjoy your peaceful time here. Most of the people who came to Siam Reap will definitely busy in the Morning hopping around the attraction and resting in the Hotel during the late evening yet they will only come out during the night. So the city will be once again become so Life during the night time.

Although the cafe is kind of small, but just look at the Menu written on the wall... such a large amount of selection for you to scratch your head...

Cambodia Coffee... kind of different taste compare to other coffee I tasted before... hard to describe but still consider quite ok to be drink... it still quite rich and the body are quite smooth.

Our order, it definitely delicious. Comparing to those we ate on the street are kind of different taste... I think it just because the ingredient are totally different from what we are having here.