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Saturday, August 4, 2012

足跡 新里程碑 . On the Street of Siam Reap

In Siam Reap, the most common Transportation is either Bicycle or Motorcycle, so is not surprise that you never see a car on the Street.
As for us who come to visit this place due to budget concerning, of cause there is no excuses we are happen to be in another Tuk Tuk which pulling by a Motorcycle Driver. 
Somehow we realize that, even western tourist also riding on a bicycle hoping around the tourist spot.
The Tuk-Tuk is quite open so that you can point your camera every where you want to capture the beautiful Siam Reap scene and this shot was captured during my ride on a tuk-tuk heading to Angkor Wat after the heavy rain. So you will notice the street are still wet.

Along the journey we can spot many of these tuk-tuk waiting outside of some 5 Star Hotel. You can either hopping into one of these localize transport or you may rent a Van is you are have deep pocket, as if I not mistaken to rent a tuk-tuk for attraction hopping will cost you about 20 USD.

A local women carrying her handcrafting goods on a bicycle to a nearby Market for selling.

Students are no acceptance from riding on their bicycle for their daily traveling within their house to school. We are just at the right time when we on our way to the tourist spot, that's why we can see them going home after their school.

Coconut Khmer Curry Chicken is one of our very 1st localize food in Siam Reap. As after we visited some of the place here, we decided to take our lunch just near by here in order to save some time for other places.
It taste alright, the curry was quite gentle compare to Thai Style... is easy to be taken and it suit most or the tourist who not really can hot stuff.
 This is another different dish which content Fish Slides, it call the Khmer Style Curry as well but not serve in coconut. Most of the dish here are serve with lots of vegetables like carrot, potato, tomato and etc. 

In the evening, we took our opportunity during our free time to explore more nearby our hotel, as we are just staying within the area of Old Market, New Market, Night Market and Pub Street so it is quite busy during night time after dinner hour. The picture was took during our walk at the Pub Street where by a waitress of a Khmer Restaurant is serving her customers.

At the other corner of the Street I found this tourist with his Map seeking for local help to other places.

You also can find many fish spa here at every corner of the Street, I not sure why is this so, but I do notice that many tourist like to enjoy their pleasure time after the whole day walk over here. Perhaps it is more comfortable than having yourself to be in a Massage center?

This is one of the store where still opening at night, most of the store already closed at this time.


After we walked into a Restaurant right at the Old Market we was 1st serve with a very thick and massive Menu!
Look at it, every single dish got it's own picture for you to choose.

It looks like a Photo Album rather than a Restaurant Menu.

Also we realized that the Signage is also written in Chinese when we are inside the Restaurant... Just like the signage we use to see in Malaysia.

Fried Noodles 

Fried Rice with extra Egg.

Yet again my order of Khmer Style Curry with Beef!

Checking out the Restaurant Menu for delicious food?

Another store still open in the late night with tons of cigarettes and Fresh water. Water are selling expensive over here, each bottle of water cost you 0.5 cents USD.  

Starbucks is spotted on the rack in a Supermarket where located not far from our hotel. 2.8 USD for a bottle, don't you think is a little bit of too pricey?

Ice delivery Services and still you can see how he cut the ICE... 

Resting time! 3 Dollars for 2 fresh and cold coconut! 

Tuk-tuk drivers taking their pleasure time at a corner playing chess...

They are selling litchi at the corner of the street.

The Old Market.

Guess what those thing hanging on the the store...

Although it is small but I doubt you will get a No when you come here seeking for your groceries needs here.

Here is the Wet Market.

If you notice, all the peddler here are sitting on the table and not standing or having a chair beside the store.

Ha, look at the picture... Tell me what you see... is he a customer or a Hair Stylist???

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Siam Reap Street after the Rain.

Hmm... this dish looks Great? Yes, this is one of the very famous localize food which everyone should try when you are here.
AhMok is the name of this dish and it consist of Fish Slides with Khmer Style Curry.

This is my order! I would say it so delicious.

The Street Scene of Siam Reap Street.