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Thursday, August 23, 2012

TiPsy Brew O'Coffee . Comfort, Warm & Kind

Comfortable, warm smiling is the very 1st impression to me when we 1st step into this TiPsy Brew O'Coffee. We was introduce their menu after we are seated. 
Siphon, Hand-Drip, French Press are the three major Style of coffee promoting here. 
For food wise, they strongly recommended us the Laksa and the Lum Mee... but these are the only choice of food if you not interested in Sandwiches. Oh, Almost forget to mention about the Chicken Pie here, it's truly Great Taste... !

You consider this an respectfulness act or you will call this an art? 

I have been to quite number of Cafe in Asia, some those cafe like to display all kinds of coffee magazine and reference book at the corner in the cafe... As a coffee lover, how deep you dig inside the coffee history and it's story?

She looks very serious during the processing, by the way she the lady boss of TiPsy Brew O'Coffee.

It's the flow chart that shown on the wall of the three major kind of Coffee that promote in the Cafe.

This is the Laksa that I ordered and it taste quite nice, comparing to others it slightly different because according to the lady owner, it was originally from Alor Star... 

The Siphon Coffee that we ordered, to me the coffee are slightly over cooked which I think is the temperature too hot resulted the coffee more towards bitten.  

Something I must mention which is the Owner is kind enough to share us the info of where he get the Kopi Luwak from. The Coffee bean are not from Indonesia, Vietnam of neither Philippines but is is purely from local Sabah... It is cheap comparing to what I know from other places... RM 89 per cup.

The equipment use for cooking the coffee...

You also can pick your choice of cake over here.