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Friday, September 28, 2012

Sunrise . Hazy Morning at Chew Jetty

3.ooam in the midnight and we lying on the Bed still Googling about the location we going to shoot the Sunrise. 
Teluk Tempoyak? Jelutong Express Way? or to the nearest Point which I quite familiar with, the Chew Jetty. After some discussion we decide to get back to the place which I went before, and we reach outside the entrance of Chew Jetty by 5:30am in the morning and the Sky is still totally in Dark. From out Hotel to Chew Jetty is just not more than 5mins drive. What we can do is do some Pig Job in the car.
6:30am, we saw a young teenage walking in to the premises in a hurry and he was holding a Tripod with him, so obviously he is going for the sunrise as well...
When we are at the Shooting Point, there is already sitting with 4 more teenagers, they keep chatting with each other while I'm looking around for some interesting view. 
Somehow we found out that today was not a good Day to have a Sunrise hunting due to the weather is not as we expected. Very Hazy Sky covered with grey colour tone, but still we pay our patient for the Mighty Sunrise. 
7:30am, the Sky is getting brighter and brighter and yet we did not see it's coming. At the meantime, those teenagers are packing and leaving so do one of my friend is given up and wanted to leave. I told him that it will come for sure and finally the result that we waited for more that 2 hours.

Here is one of the spot in Penang Island that you can see the Great Job done by Ernest Zacharevic

Test Shot with the Shadow Man

The man without a Tripod can do nothing but just sitting on the Jetty and wait for it to come... 

The sky is getting brighter and things getting clearer... Patient is what we need for every Landscape or scenery approach. The key to great work is never Shoot Less.

Standing on the Chew Jetty, I can clearly see the Penang Ferry Jetty, it's totally not able to descript with wording how amazing your feel is, when you seeing the 1st launch of the Ferry service on that day itself. During the departure, you will hear it loud and clear the announcement from the control tower.  

 Here is the other side of the Chew Jetty with some abandon Oil Tank and Tires. 

The Great timing of the Sunrise... the long awaited Sunrise is finally heard our call.

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