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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Old Protestant Cemetery . Penang Island

Old Protestant Cemetery, also known as Northam Road Cemetery is a disused Christian cemetery in George Town, Penang, Malaysia. After more than a century of neglect, it is now classified as a heritage site and is maintained by the Penang Heritage Trust.
The cemetery lies along Northam Road (now Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah) near the historic core of George Town, only metres away from the beachfront and a short walk from the Eastern & Oriental Hotel.
It is 32 years older than the Old Protestant Cemetery in Macau, which is somewhat better-maintained.

Northam Road Cemetery was the first cemetery to be consecrated after Captain Francis Light founded the Prince of Wales Island Settlement in 1786. The earliest known burial is that of one H.D.D. Cunningham in 1789 (the exact location of his/her grave within the grounds is unknown; though a plaque survives on the wall), and the latest is Cornelia Josephine Van Someren in 1892. After that, the cemetery was closed and subsequent Christian burials have been carried out in the Western Road Cemetery. The cemetery also contains 12 Chinese graves, refugees of the Taiping Rebellion, as well as the graves of some of Penang's early German merchants and their relatives. There is at least one Armenian grave. Of around 500 graves, over 25% are not identifiable due to weathering and damage, the latter due in part to vandals and drug addicts who often hide out at the relatively secluded cemetery. The tablets of many tombs have fallen off; some, which could not be matched to their tombs, are mounted on the south wall.
Behind this cemetery, accessible through a small door in the wall, is the adjacent Roman Catholic Cemetery.

After so long, yet you still can see some people are coming here with some fresh flowers.

Although is been a long time after those respective people are berried here, but once you step your foot on here, you still feel the uncomfortable at all time... We did not stay long at here, mainly is the reason of too many mosquitoes are trying to nail us. 
Beside that, place seem to be quite haunted in another way... the compound is not huge but fully covered with trees and sun are hardy can shine on the ground where we standing. 
But is worth for us to explore the place like this where we not normally seeing it else where.