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Monday, October 1, 2012

SunSet . Kumbar . 日落休行

Already been here for a few times and each and every time, I was given different feel... 
Standing here, you can empty your mind and breath the peaceful, Color of the Sky are just so magnificent matching with the Sun, although it doesn't last for long... but yet you witnessed it with you eyes and contacted it with your heart. 

公巴海鲜坐落于 日落拍摄的 好位子, 这里不但只可以品尝到美味 廉价的又新鲜的海鲜, 还有很特别的马来西亚沙嗲! 除此以外,爱好摄影的人,也会莫名而来,当你坐着用餐的时候, 你都会看到很多人拿着相机到这里来 尝试拍日落的景色。 每次在这里用餐你都会有别一般的 享受,应为每次的景色都是不一样的。

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