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Friday, November 2, 2012

Fly Vietnam . 我飞越南 . "Chapter 1"

Well, according to the weather forecast travelling to Vietnam on November will be a season, but we took our risk going in earlier before that. Few days before I went online and check the weather forecast, it was not really looking well, perhaps I have to cross my finger and pray for the Good weather! 
Now I  sitting here at the LCCT waiting for my turn to get on to my scheduled flight which suppose to be on 12:00 pm but unfortunately announcement been made and I have to wait another 20 minutes more. Down in my heart, I was thinking was it because of the weather condition? 

Finally our Plane is here and we are ready to get on board, it was a colorful Plane.
As we all know we are not allowed to take any pictures at this premises, but still I have a short minutes of time to captured it with my mobile phone.

We are about to land on the Ground of Tan Son Nhat International Airport of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Everything seem to be going smoothly and we having a clear Sky here, we are 10 minutes ahead earlier than scheduled. 

This is the entrance of the arriving hall and we are about to check-in with our passport at the immigration counters. 

At the other corner I saw these massive arrangement of wheel chairs, what do you think?

Not crowed with peoples, perhaps we are on the afternoon flight or it just because is not he right season to visit Vietnam? Yet we are happy because we not really need to going through a long queue to get our passport chop. 

As I'm queuing at the counter, I quickly took a picture as I know here is a photos restriction area. Just after I took the picture I saw a guy hold his mobile trying to take picture was called by the airport security. Well, I would say he is not smart enough. The officer's uniform here are quite alike to the rest of other communism country such as China, Cambodia or Myanmar, all in green color.  

Who leave this behind or it wrongly delivered? or the owner been detained?

We are heading to the exit of the Airport. That would be my new chapter of travelling, and it will totally different from the inside Airport which looks modern and tidy.

For sure you will get many invitation of Taxi Drivers whether you want to hop in to their vehicles, but we have done our homework and we chosen the cheapest solution from Airport to the Town City of Vietnam which is Ho Chi Minh. The bus of numbered 152 will travel us to the City Center Bus Station which just right in front of Ben Thanh Market, one of the most famous market in Ho Chi Minh. 

Just feel like capture this man sitting beside us, as we saw him keep spinning around looking for a bus to the city during our waiting for the bus to depart. After he get on the bus he was very concentrating at a paper holding in his hand. Guess he is not from Local Ho Chi Minh.

Tickets which just only cost us 4,000 von each and at 1st the driver doesn't have any change for our 500,000 note, but he was manage to stop by the road side and bought himself a Lottery Ticket to get us our change. 

Heading to the heart of Ho Chi Minh City... we saw tons and tons of motorcyclist along our way which I think is much much more comparing to Taiwan. Really a busy street and yet they are quite respect each other on the road. 

After we jump off the bus at the City Center Bus Station we saw this at the station which we not seeing it now a days in our current city, Kuala Lumpur. Stone Chairs with all the Coke Cola Logos on it. 

With no second thought we bought ourselves the local most famous food the French Bread serving with some hams and some vegetables in it. If I'm not mistaken "French bánh mì" is what local people call it in Vietnamese language and it just cost us around 1,100 von each. Vietnam was a French colony, that's why you can see so much of French culture here even foods. The people are just selling their food on the ground with a small chair under it, you can see these kind of sellers running around in the city, you can easily grab yourself food in the city where every you go, small shops or even at the road side and this made what so special of Vietnamese local culture.

Our 1st destination in Ho Chi Minh will be our accommodation which we booked earlier on the internet. The Little Saigon Hotel is just located not far from the City Center Bus Station. 

Will be going there on our next Chapter.