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Monday, November 12, 2012

Vietnam . After the Rise at MuiNe . 暴晒后的 MuiNe . "Chapter 11"

The second attempt to the Village of MuiNe after I got my Tripod with me, it is already 5:30 pm in the late afternoon. The sun goes down really fast at here, when we reached, it already look like 6:30 or 7:00 pm in the evening. After we parked our rented motorcycle at roadside, we slowly walk down the staircase which lead us to the coastline of  MuiNe Fishing Village. Along the way we saw this lady doing her daily routine job, cleaning or packing up the catches after a long day drying under the hot sun. Our witnesses of the joy of the villagers started here.

All the big bowl piled up here waiting for its turn to serve the fishermen daily routine job again. During the late afternoon it's time for them to present its function again...

Everyday, villagers without things to do always hanging around at here waiting for the sunset to appear to be their witnesses. They also gather here for some free chat or even they do their swimming here. 

Here, I also realize there is a one of the fishermen are preparing for his daily fishing job, he is in the middle of repairing his fishing tools in one of his Big Bowl.

Sun are ready to put his rest for the end of the day... and the whole coastline is turning into Golden color, the scenery turns into a very Romantic and peaceful atmosphere. 

Children and teenagers jumped into water having their fun at this evening... They seem to have a lots of fun playing around with each others...
Fishing boats are resting here near by the coastline.

When you are here, you can see all kinds of magnificent view which you can't witness it daily... Not only mention about the atmosphere, also you can really influenced by the environment here.