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Monday, November 5, 2012

Vietnam . Beef Leg Noddle . 牛脚面 . "Chapter 3"

Check-in, dropped down our our almost 10 KG backpack, we hurry up to get our butts to seek for the next destination, when we walk by the road side we saw this signage Shampoo for man, the shop is sitting full of young and pretty chicks... they will do the hair treatment for you and as well as massage service... but after that... you may request for more... Interested?

Along the way we also saw this very interesting barber shop which is still in the form of old school style. This kind of barber style already hardly can be found in Malaysia, it might exist no more, if you stay on the road for more longer you can even find barber who just start their service right beside the walk way with one chair, one mirror, and some working tools, how much will it cost? No sure and don't ask me because I not dare to try and definitely he can cut my hair into style that I wanted. In another word, this is what made Vietnam is so special to visit, you can find all kinds of very unique and antique display every where around you. 

As we are looking Bùi Viện Street, we keep asking around and we came to a school which I was wondering why they have class on Saturday. These students are able to communicate with us in English but unfortunately they don't know about the destination that we are seeking for. However we are quite please with their kindness and helpful assistant. So we carry on with our journey and seeking for our destination.

Very attractive scene that you might not able to seen it else where but only in Vietnam, look at this guy, do you wonder how can he able to sleep on the motorcycle like this? Wondering what made him so tired 

When people saying that Vietnam is a very dirty place but this is not quite right to me, as I always seeing workers are collecting and transporting the Rubbish to be disposed. Perhaps the City is more dusty than ours but it does not it is not clean.

Buildings at Vietnam are all tall and slim, just like the residence staying... all quite slim... 

This round we like to try our luck again on asking another people on the street for our destination... Great, he don't even speak a single English word... finally the Gentlemen with the blue shirt walk towards us and asked us whether we can speak Cantonese... What a great day, finally we found someone who able to speak the language we understand. He is the local who migrated to Canada and just come back for vacation during his holiday. He quite a good man who telling us more than what we wanted to know. 

Our Vietnamese friend told us that the Vietnam guys are very Romance and really know how to enjoy life, but in another does it means lazy? All these people are doing noting in the day time and playing Chinese chess by the walk way... Well, does it made another specialty of Vietnam?

Hungry really killing us, with the speed of lighting we walk straight in to shop which just couple of lot from the KFC. Phở Vinh Quang giá, no one is in the shop but only us still we decided to try our luck, we get our menu and flit through it and found too many choice is written on it... So I made my order, Pho Bun Bo Hue which means the Beef Noodle. 

Wow, coke of Year 2013!

Wow Wow, what a big big bowl of Beef Noddle!!! 
The color look nice, the smell taste good ... and yummy is the last word I say!

This is our very 1st lunch in Vietnam and after this, we will be heading to our next destination... on next Chapter.