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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vietnam . Dinner Time! . 海鲜大餐! . "Chapter 15"

Dinner time, and we found quite a number of hawker store by the road side right just beside the Beach along the way we heading to the Fishing Village of MuiNe. They call it Bo Ke in Vietnamese by the meaning of Hawker Store.
If not mistaken there is around 10 Hawker stores with big and small scale... We chosen this is just because we saw many people are gathering here looking at the exhibition of the Seafood. The workers here are quite friendly and they can communicate in English as well... they will never say no to you when you want have a photo shoot with their seafood displaying in front of their store.

This gentlemen are very excited with the little shark... 

I not sure what is that fish called but I know that gentlemen keep asking the worker show him the different type of fish and he keep clicking his shutter.

Everyone here are quite impressed with what they saw here... Frankly speaking, the lobster here are damn huge, each of every lobster are definitely more than a kilogram. The price here are reasonable and to me, it is consider cheap and you have eat all you can with paying a small figure of money, if you want to have this kind of privileged in Malaysia, easily it is more than RM100.

Also to mention about the Squid... each of it are more than 1 feet long ... 

Look at this lady with what she is holding, a sea shell that is about the size of her head... you want to try it? I was not able to order that because I'm just with my wife here, so we decided to order something in small portion so that we can have variety of choices.

Of course we will never want to miss the chance to take some photos with these huge creature... Specially my wife, she is jumping up and down asking for shooting photo of here with the Great Giant Lobster.

Well... I have not seen these kind of Marble Stone chair and table... we just hop on it and get be patient with out ordered food. This is how it look like when you are here at he store... many tourist are here would like to have some free time with enjoying their seafood and also the couple of cup of beef to end their pressures night, because during the night time here are quite boring and you might have nothing to do or may be you might want to go to the pub near by for some music.

Yeah! The Lobster is on the Grill, most of the seafood here are serve with Grill, you can ask them with some other type of cooking style... but most of the time they will tell you grill will be the best... Standing here looking at the fella grilling the lobster, I felt really hungry already. Wonder when is my turn to be serve.

Here it comes..! The young charming guy with our Lobster is coming towards our direction... Can't wait to have it on our table...Long time never I never have a taste of a Lobster already.

Finally the the food are here lying on the table, it time for me to put them into my stomach! 

We also ordered these Spiral Shell, although it is small size but the meat are really fresh and sweet. Never get enough of it... what you have to do is, you need to use a tooth pick to get the meat out from the shell, this is the most easiest way to eat it.

We have our french toast bread, big prawn and also a medium size of the Spiral Shell.

This is how they serve you the Medium size of Spiral Shell, they will get the meat out from the Shell and cut it into slides. The way of how they cooked is something you will not taste it at other place... perhaps it only has it here in MuiNe. The meat are quite chewy and fresh, it look like mushroom when I first saw it on the plate.

Mussel is another all time favorite of all the visitors here... so we also get ourselves a plate of this. It serve with scallion and also olive oil. 
scallop also become our choice tonight... 
Ah, never miss out the Squid I mentioned before... the huge Squid, but after I taste it, I quite no impressed with it, because it is too huge and meat become hard to be chew... 

My wife also ordered herself a pork chop rice...

Done! I done with it and I was really really full after I had it all... I really need some exercise now! The food I had taken almost flooded out from my mouth but I'm very satisfied with the dinner I had tonight... 
A very enjoyable and great dinner ended my whole day journey, will need to get back to my hotel and have a good rest in order for me to prepare myself for the next day journey.