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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vietnam . Fine as it is The Sunset with Joy . 日落@优美 . "Chapter 18"

Travelling through some unknown villages, here we come to the another coast line of MuiNe, at here you can really see some typical fishing villagers life... If you can't stand the sting and the dirty environment, better you not appear to be here. 
Shoes is unnecessary when you approaching here, better you prepared yourself a pair of Slipper or a unwanted shoes. Here is full of rubbish, sting dead fishes and quite a muddy places... you have to walk through some really messy path to get to the shooting spot after you park your bike at the proper place.

When you look at the ocean side, you can really get some awesome view. After I met it, I totally forgot about what I had been through just now, and I felt everything is worth for it.
Of course you never can avoid your Tripod insert into some muddy water when you doing some scenery shot.
After the ebb, you will have more place to walk and more venue for your shooting spot over here.

During my observation, I saw this lady walking towards the water with her lifebuoy, at first I was totally have no idea what she up to... she just simply walk into the water and swim, at that time I was smiling and wondering this is really can happen. 

Clear Sky and magnificent Sun Set giving me some stunning which I can't get it in normal day... I was really revel at this moment... I keep shooting and shooting until I was ordered to retrieve to my dinner.
This is another capture after the sun goes down... The sky are drawn with very contrast color also the reflection from the sea, it is truly breath taking... If you are here perhaps you will have the same feeling with me.

Will be continue with some other shots here, "The People"