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Friday, November 9, 2012

Vietnam . Fishing Village of Mui Ne . Mui Ne 渔村 . "Chapter 10"

Second thing what going to do after our check-in, is to rent a Motorcycle so that we can travel at the near by area easily without spending much money for other transportation like Jeep or local Cab. The very 1st place we going to discover is one of the very famous Fishing Village that you must not miss out during your visit in Vietnam or to be precise, Mui Ne Fishing Village is ranked of  World Top 5 famous fishing village.

The very wide coastline not only able give the villagers here to park their fishing boat easily, also with the advantage of the wide coastline, it attracted many local and oversea tourist visiting this place just because of the magnificent scenery.  
You can packed your needs and sitting down here for sunset view as well... Many local like to sit here and witness the daily sunset at this location. 

Now is about 3 pm in the afternoon and people are preparing for their daily job, they are repairing their fishing nest and some packing. 

We dig deeper into the Village, we passed through some housing area which is totally strange to us... and we came into no where of the Village but we found another coastline... I think foreigners will not want to discover so deep into the village till the place where I'm standing because it is totally sting and not really clean... To certain extend partial of the place here are piled up with rubbish...  

Just at the right time we able to witness the fishermen gathering everyone and packing up the gasoline for their fishing boat. The fishing boat are too huge to comes in to the coastline as the water level just too shallow for it... 
So what the fisherman do is they will put everything in to that blue big Bowl and let it carry them to the Fishing Boat.

The usage of the Big bowl is a unique way for the fisherman here in Mui Ne. It use by the fisherman daily for shallow water fishing, travel them to the fishing boat or even transport the catches after they return from the deep blue sea. 

Guess how much weight can this Big Big Bowl carry? There are already 6 people and plus the item they carry to the fishing boat... Well, that is a question mark for me.

Another funny thing about this bowl is, it does not have any directional angle, so you can paddle it which ever way you want... 

Everyone hopped on to that big bowl and paddling their way out to the fishing boat.

The side of the bowl is covered by rubber so that it can absorb the vibration when it knock to the fishing boat body. Look at the inner part of this big big bowl, it is totally empty and with nothing in it... It is so simple and yet it can serve the fisherman for their daily routing job.

We spot a fella fishing at the middle of the sea water... and he got a full pack of small fish with his plastic bag tied at his wrist.

At another corner of the village, we found this ladies here drying up some small fishes... Not much pictures I can get because one of the lady stopping me from pointing my camera at them, perhaps she thought I was taking her picture. I was totally know nothing about Vietnamese language, so I decide to leave without a word.

These are the bowl free from duty... When its lying against the wall, it almost the same height as us which means it definitely not smaller than 5 feet diameter. 

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