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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vietnam . Joining The Atmosphere of MuiNe Fishing Village . 气氛感染@MuiNe渔村 . "Chapter 21" Part1/2

The third day here in MuiNe, our bike was running out of petrol and we decide to refill it early in the morning before our second attempt to the Fishing Village. Along the way there will be quite number of so call petrol station which the local hold the petrol in petrol container and they will pump it into your bike whenever you want it, here is not like Thailand, remember during our stay in Thailand you can buy the petrol in bottle basis... 
Travelling from our hotel, Unique Hotel to the Fishing Village is about not more than 30 KM, so to refill the bike is a must for us.

This morning we are here more earlier to taste the witness the trading style of the villagers here. Before we reaching the Fishing Village, here we are at the road side which filled up with wonderful Coast Line View. Specially during the Morning and the time when sun goes down. Taking a deep breath here is just so amazingly fresh.

After a moment we are already here at the fishing village, from the top we look down to the beach, we can see some villagers are starting their daily life here, although it is just about 5:45 am in the morning... Somehow I wonder why the Sky get so bright when it is not even 7:00 am in the morning.
We knew that we are much earlier then the day before we came.. we will hang around here for some other explore while we are waiting for the villagers to come.

At the same time we also see some villagers sitting here chit chat while waiting for the fisherman return home with the catch. Perhaps this picture tells everything about the village... The hat they are wearing are identical as Vietnamese, only Vietnam people are wearing it during their daily life, where ever you are in Vietnam you can always seeing women wearing it.

Early in the morning, everything just so peaceful and quiet... no other sound but just the whisper of the wave. fisherman is walking slowly with his fishing net. You also can find some villagers are here at the coast line catching fish with their net... 

Villager start coming from no where, this is one of the villager coming to the trading venue with her staff... slowly walking on he beach toward the trading spot.

Somehow we realize that there is always something moving on the sand and then we discover there are plenty of small star fish on the beach and they are still actively crawling around... It is so tiny and transparent...

The Sun are started to shine on the beach by about 6:30 am in the morning... and at this moment you can really have great moment if you like to take photos... manage the timing properly and you will have something really stunning and magnificent.

The fishermen are retrieving from the ocean and shifting their bowl to the proper keep space... 

Many villagers already here waiting for the fisherman to return home with goods... mainly they are women and those who are outside for catching fish will be the man.

After they got the good, they will be here on the beach separate it.

Squid!! This is one of the seafood which I like it most.

To Be Continue with more photos on this Chapter at Part 2/2