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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vietnam . Moonlight Star Shine . 星月灿烂 . "Chapter 20"

Chapter 20, Tonight was a Great night, at least to me. The Moon is hanging high in the sky and Star is twinkle surrounding the Moon.
If I not mistaken, it's already 12 in the mid night local time, I was watching TV during that hour but somehow I was wondering how it feel if currently I'm on top of the Hotel, so within a second I jumped down from my bed and grab my gear and took the elevator up to the roof top of the hotel.
 It was so windy when I put my first step out to the uncovered roof top of the hotel... The feeling just can't tells with word, wow is all I can say... from here you can see the Moon and the Sky is full with sparkling Stars!
At the mean time you also can see the fisherman is on their spot to catch for their living... The signal light fixed on their boat and their bowl is almost identical with the Star in the Sky... 
When you look down to the beach, you might find some couples are walking and chatting with their love ones. 
I'm here all alone and listening to the Natural whisper... How great it was if I can be here everyday through out my Life.

MuiNe, I can say it is a wonderful place which can give you very calm and peaceful. Before I'm here in Vietnam, all in my mind it is just a country that is quite poor and drop behind. But when I'm here, it totally changed my mindset, although places here are quite drop back but in another you can find you way back to the very simple and naive life not like what I'm living in the Modern City.