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Friday, November 16, 2012

Vietnam . Return with Catches . 满获而归 . "Chapter 14"

Each and Every Morning this coastline packed with men and women, they are the people who do the catch and resell them at the market. 
Fishermen transport back all the catches back to here after their whole night out in the ocean, when they reached here, women from the village will right here waiting and collect the catches from the Fishermen. 

Quite many men here sitting at the road side just watching at the activity when it's going on. I wondering what are these guys actually doing for a living till they are so free to relax here by the road side.

The women will use a piece of bamboo stick to carry goods back to home or to the market. The Vietnamese Hat, the bamboo stick with 2 sided of basket turns it to the Traditional culture of Vietnam from long time ago. You can seen it here everywhere, they are still practicing the very simple and useful way to carry their goods in large scale.
This is how it look like when you standing at the roadside looking down to the coastline, the fishermen and the villagers are here to doing their daily trading exercise.

She carrying 2 bucket fulled of catches with a bamboo stick walking up through a staircase, as when she reaching the roadside you can she is quite suffering.

This is one of captured which I quite amaze... I think the longer I stay here, my shutter will suffer more because I can't stop pressing it when I seeing all these great scene.

Some of them can't wait till the fishermen sending over the catches, they might just stand outside the coastline and wait for it.

Women doing the wash for the catches.

They are in the middle of choosing and classify the catches which they get from the fishermen. Some catches will process here directly and the unwanted shell will just dumped right here without any proper treating.