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Monday, November 26, 2012

Vietnam . River Lead to Fairy Stream . 童话之流 . "Chapter 17"

Another hidden Spot you have to explore when you are at MuiNe, the Fairy Stream. You have to park your bike by the road side and walk down to a small brook, Nothing to worry about because the brook's water is not stiff at all, all you have to do is follow the river flow  then it will lead you to the destination of what the local people call it, The Fairy Stream. Beside the river you may found a Soy Sauce Refinery, we went in there for a while to inspect what is it all about, but seem like nothing to be explore.

Before you entering the River, you might find quite number of local teenagers will offering you or trying to communicating with you, you can just ignore them as they are trying to get the money out from you pocket as tips. They might claim themselves as Tour Guide as well, when they 1st approach you.
We have to take off our shoes to continue our path to the Fairy Stream, the water here are not even a foot deep... it just swallow and it's quite comfortable when you walking here with your bare foot.
After 10 minutes we we passing through all the bamboo tress, coconut trees and we come to the place where it is all about. 

These is what we are coming in for, side of the Stream are full with natural Stalactites. In my hometown Ipoh , Malaysia also got such a natural stones, but all it grow in the Caves, but seem here it can found at a totally exposed place.

We also found people are leaving their sign here after they had visiting the spot  here.