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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vietnam . Sidewalk Dinner . 路边晚餐 . “Chapter 7”

Our friend from Vietnam, came to pick us up at our hotel by 7 pm. We was told that we going to have our very first seafood dinner at the sidewalk in the busy street of Ho Chi Minh, but I wasn't very sure where we was brought to... She was talking to Taxi driver in Vietnamese where should we go, and once we reached here, I already saw the place are pack with all the customers sitting on a very small plastic chair together with a small table which just only 1 feet height. 

After we found our seat, the lady boss is ready to take down our order, initially we was given a menu but after I looking at the menu, I decided to let my friend do the order...

We never really have our seafood dinner at Vietnam before and we do not know what is nice to be ordered. After a while, this is what served to us, the oyster bake with cheese... this definitely one of my favorite seafood! Also if you realize, in Vietnam when you eating seafood, you will always serve with 2 type of source, 1 will be chili paddy and another one will be pepper salt and lemon. 

She is another photography lover... so she never miss out to capture the dish on table.

Why the dog keep staring at me?? Izzit I'm same level with him now?? Haha...

wow! a very huge conch,this is something I never eaten before.. also the very 1st time see it cooked and serve in front of me...

You definitely have to try it when you are here... the meat are fresh and palatable...

The way they cook crab here are quite different from my country but the taste are quite acceptable... and of course yummy!

scalp also cooked with the same way as the oyster, I quite like it because this way it still can preserve the freshness of the seafood.

Never the last, we ordered the last item for to end our dinner. Yes, you are right, it is porridge but it contain oyster in it... It really taste fresh when you swallow it.

People are really seem to enjoy their dinner here, you can always hear the cheers and laughter came from them. 
Tonight, the dinner cost us about 680,000 don which convert to Malaysia Ringgit is about 105.00, it was not really consider cheap as what we expect.