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Friday, November 30, 2012

Vietnam . Sleeping Bus . 可睡觉@巴士 . "Chapter 22"

This is the Bus traveling us back from MuiNe to Ho Chi Minh City, as we did not get our bus tickets from the same Company when we travel to MuiNe. We bought the tickets from a tourist kiosk nearby our hotel. Tan Hoang Long is the Company name of the bus and they providing Sleeping Bus which the local people call it. 
I was quite not impressed with the service of this Company as they been late for more than 2 hours which suppose to be at our hotel at 1 pm local time. 

The Good point is we manage to experience a different style of traveling in such a bus environment. The bus is line up with 3 lines of consider double Decker for passengers to have a half sleeping seat.

Once you are on the bus, they will provide you a plastic bag to keep your shoes inside. No shoes is allow when you on the seat.

Me and my wife was the last passengers they pick up so we happened to be at the last row of the bus... my wife wasn't comfortable with seat I having currently so she decided to move down to the bottom rack.
As I'm on top of the last row, I manage to occupied all the 5 seats at the same row and also the back row allow you to push the seat all the way down so you can comfortably sleep on it.  Blanket also provided in the bus.
This bus traveling behavior does not same as the one we traveled before, is only stop once and at this Large station which you can get yourself to the Toilet and some snacks. The bus will only stop for 20 minutes through out the 7 hours journey.

When we reaching the Ho Chi Minh City is already 10 pm at night. Along the way entering Ho Chi Minh, experienced some heavy traffic jam... I think we stuck in the traffic jam for more than 1 hour time.