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Friday, November 23, 2012

Vietnam . Sunny, Windy Beach Coupling Us . 风和日丽之沙滩篇 . "Chapter 16"

What can you do when you have free time during your stay at Beach Hotel? Unique Hotel providing the Great Beach View, you can relax, reading, sun bath or even taking a nap over here. 
After we filled up our stomach with decent serve of breakfast at the cafeteria of Unique Hotel, we putting our foot on this warm and windy beach right outside of the hotel.  
My wife using her pleasure time lying on the couch provided by the Hotel, and me myself carrying my gear and walking around taking some memorable shot for myself.

I saw this Ice Cream seller come in to the beach with his bicycle, and he has a monkey with him all the time... because he selling Coconut as well...

Many tourist will be here doing their activities, for sure the local residence wont give up the chance to make so money for their living here, they will bring their home made handcraft or even fruits to be sell here. Sometime they will walking round to get their customers, when they felt tired, they will place their goods at certain spot and wait for the tourist goes to them.

Mostly tourist who came to here are from Russian. Hardly can see people from Asian come to this place, most them will be staying in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi when they visiting Vietnam. 

Just right beside us there is an old couple who enjoying their pleasure time lying on the couch reading their tourist guide. Wondering what will be their next destination after this.

This is another local seller who staring at me, wonder if I want to buy the goods from her.

Workers or beach boy I should call, they are setting up the canopy for the afternoon to let their customers having their rest here.

After a while I saw this fella riding his motorcycle coming here to show off what he is selling... Kites.

If you are interested in playing Kite Surf, I think this will another hot spot for you to visit, in the afternoon I saw many tourist are here playing with it. If you not know how to play, they even can provide a few hours of training course. Kite Surfing is a very famous water sport recently welcome by all the water sport lover, due to the wind and the wave are not strong enough to push the surfer, so the Kite is another solution to put more strange into pushing momentum.

Looking at these people surfing on the water, really feel like want to be a part of them... What a pleasure day doing nothing and lying on the beach. Working so hard through out the day, what you want is just a extra time to pampered yourself with this leisure activities.