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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vietnam . Way to Phường Mũi Né . “Chapter 8”

Today we have a Bus to catch, We started to walk from our Hotel to here at 6 am in the morning and took us about 20 minutes to reach here, the distance was not more than 1.5 km. 7 am, our Bus will be here to carry us to a destination call Phường Mũi Né which is about 220 km away from Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh. If you search over the Google maps you might see the it might only take you about 3+ hours to reach there but it is totally not the same story when you traveling with bus and the Vietnam road condition. 

We still got another 30 minutes before the bus arrive at the station so we decide to take our Breakfast here just across the street... We ordered ourselves 2 French Banh ni and also a cup of Cold Ice Coffee which is my favorite... The coffee here are just amazingly great no matter where you had it... 

Oh, this is the bus from Sinh Tourist, quite a renowned travel agent in Vietnam... you can travel within Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand through this travel agent. Of course we are not traveling with this bus, the ticket we bought is from another Company call Phương Trang.

We bought our Phương Trang bus ticket around 130,000 don, which is still consider reasonable ... Phương Trang and Sinh Tourist consider quite famous at local but according to our friend, this will be a better choice, so we took her advise.

We seated almost at the last row of the bus... This is how it look in the bus.

While traveling on the highway, we can still seeing some new development near the city... 

We stopping by at a gas station for a short rest... or for us go to toilet? Now what you see here are quite less Motorcycle but during the peak hour, here will be crowded with motorcyclist to refill their tank.

This is how our bus look like...

After a 4 hours of journey, we finally reaching a restaurant by the road side which also under the supervision of Phương Trang. This is a definitely huge restaurant like a canteen which provide variety choice of menu. They also providing mix rice services, you can always have your choice of dishes and serve with rice.

We have about 20 minutes of break time so I ordered myself a fried pork chop rice with a cup of coffee.. It look really delicious right? Yes indeed.