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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vietnam . Coffee Time by the Corridor . 路边嘆咖啡 . "Chapter 27"

When you say, if you are at people's country you should have experience the local culture and so when you are in Vietnam you must never miss your chance to experience the very common local Coffee which not selling in the Coffee shop but by the road side. 
You can find these kind of serving every where in the local town no matter where you are in Vietnam. 

Hot Sun hanging in the sky, best thing to do at now is find a nice shelter to rest for a while. 

Small table and Small chairs serving you when you are buying yourself a cup of coffee from the seller. Many local seller not able to speak English and the very best way to communicate with them is to use your hand sign... After we communicate with owner here, we get ourselves the very local style of dripping coffee.

As the day is too hot, so we requested another 2 cup of ICE... but the funny thing is they always serve a pot of Tea together with the coffee we ordered... I did asked a friend of mind who from Vietnam, she also have no idea why is this and when it started.

While we waiting for our coffee to be ready, we took our free time look to the right and look to the left... and we found many interesting thing happening.

This is the place where we siting just now when we was having our dripping coffee...

This is another corner right outside of the ZOO of Vietnam also the National Museum of Vietnam... while we waiting for the Museum to open we, decided to get another cup of coffee over here.

Black Coffee with Milk...