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Friday, December 7, 2012

Vietnam . L’Usine et la Cafeteria de L’Usine . "Chapter 30"

It is not easy to discover this  L’Usine et la Cafeteria de L’Usine, you have to walk through an Art Gallery and some sound like a secret passage to me, which parked with a lot of motorcycles. 

This is the entrance and the address is written clearly on the wall.

After a few turns we finally reach the staircase which have the sign on it show that the L'Usine Cafe is just right upstairs.

This was a boutique before it turns into a cafe, so if you are here, you will not be surprise that if you see they are selling jeans, clothes, and others...
Even before it turned into a boutique, it was a sewing factory and some of the equipment here are still remain in well preserve situation.

The environment here is just great and relaxing, especially when you are here during the sunset hour...
When the sun shining into the cafe, it make the whole cafe turns into a romantic place, combination the ambiance and the cup of coffee, it truly amaze.

The L'Usine Cafe is just located at 151 Dong Khoi St, 1st Floor, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and they serve variety of menu, for sure you will have choice through the menu.

These people are not siting on an ordinary furniture but something that left behind when the sewing factory closed down. 

We chosen this place to be seated is just because we know that we will definitely get the best Sun Light during the Sunset time. and every moment door open, the make the whole view just too dramatic and fabulous.

The great big Steel sliding door... separated the 2 portion of the cafe.

This the place where they displaying all the goods they are selling..

L’Usine et la Cafeteria de L’Usine
Address: 151 Dong Khoi St, 1st Floor, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Cafe +84 (0) 8 6674 9565
Shop +84 (0) 8 6674 3565    
Hours: Monday-Sunday, 9am-9pm