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Friday, December 7, 2012

Vietnam . Night Cross Road in Ho Chi Minh . 胡志明市晚间十字路口 . "Chapter 31 Almost The End"

Messy Street of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City
Spending 2 nights walking in the busy town of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Only one conclusion comes into my mind during my visit in the Ho Chi Minh City, it was messy. You can see the motorcycles going hair wire in the middle of the streets. For the tourist who want to cross the street is another challenge, perhaps standing beside the street and doing some photography shooting is not too challenging for me... 
Doing long exposure here at the middle of the Ho Chi Minh City is just too great... you can have all the light trails you want in your photos.

Going back to Malaysia on the next Morning, perhaps all these 31 Chapters is my time spent in Vietnam. What I say is, this is a beautiful Country when you really dig deep into it... although we met some not so nice people but still we able to meet with some really gentlemen and sincere people who willing to help us round here. 
I'm still wondering why all the Vietnamese like to hang around in the middle of the busy city and also ridding on their motorcycle rounding around the road.... Not even a local Vietnamese can answer to my curious.