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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vietnam . Temple Club . “Chapter 25”

After couples of block we gone through and asked number of street people, finally we reached this one of the most famous Restaurant in Vietnam. The restaurant is quite hidden, you might not spot it at the very first time if you not paying attention to what you are looking for.
An ancient building consist of 3 floors, the entrance is just right beside the building, you are required to walk up to the 1st floor for the Temple Club Restaurant.

You have to passing by this long path to reach the staircase... The ambiance here are truly supernatural, given me a very mysterious feel... 
A news that was breaking out in sometimes back, saying that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was here with their rented bike, bunch of reporters are on their tails following them... Since then, this restaurant become very famous.

Every where corner of this restaurant are filled with Chinese wording but you will never know customers who are happened to be here almost 100% is Western.

Tonight we are their last customer as well, waiter was expecting us to be leaving before 12 am in the midnight... everyone left the place when we are walking into it... Some how we will have another half and hour to explore this restaurant... The whole restaurant is filled up with very deem warm yellow light... The combination with the ancient decoration, something is really different comparing to other ancient style of restaurant we went before. Most of the furniture here are quite English Style but on the wall you can see many oriental signage and painting. 

This shop is separated into 4 section, one corner serving with some very comfortable sofa and coffee table, another corner which serve with high table and high stools, more like you are in the bar, and another corer which facing the front of the restaurant, consider that is the balcony. The last corner which serving with the proper dinning table so for those customers who wanted to have their meal here can enjoy it at this section.

What you say about this? This is an ex tray which made by metal and you can tell it been used for many many years...

This round, there nothing special about the coffee that we ordered... the differences is about the way they serve and the tools they use to serve. The cup and the plate is definitely ancient and this is the 1st time I taste the chocolate bundling with the coffee...

This is the main entrance to the Temple Club Restaurant. Almost forgot the mention about this main entrance, before I leaving the restaurant, I took a quick snap at it.

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