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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vietnam . Thien Hou Temple . 天后宫 . "Chapter 26"

A place that worth a mention also a place that you must visit during your stay in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh. This one of the most Historical building and tourist spot in near by the China Town of Ho Chi Minh. Thien Hou Temple are in Chinese word we pronounce it as 天后宫, or to be more precis pronouncing in Vietnamese is Chùa Bà Thiên Hậu. This Temple is more than 250 years old. 
The Temple was built by the local Chinese people at Year 1761, the Structure was fully built by style from China. 
Inside the Temple you can see many valuable item, every of it worth a fortune if you able to sell it in the black market... this is just a thought of mind.

The wooden door frame and the wooden handcraft signage at the both side of the the door emphasis the age of the building.

Crossing the main door of the Holy Thien Hou Temple, you will find this great incense burner which made by tough steel. It been serving the Temple when it was built. Thousand and thousand of believer send their prayers to the God through the culture of burning the incense here.

More closer look at this incense burner... 

Those pink slips hanging on the wall is the name and the amount of the believers donated to the Temple.. if you look closely you may find the amount of the donation is huge and scary... of course it is in exchange rate of Don. 

Here is something I have to mention, the fire fighting system here sitting just by the corner which is age more than 270 years old. You only can found in some Museum but you can touch and feel it here, wonder it still functioning or not.

The great scene when you standing just right in front of the praying hall of this temple... although Vietnam is not a rich country but still local people are willing to dig into their pocket getting some penny to buy themselves some luck and safe by burning incense sending to their believing god.

I'm stepping on a floor which is filled up with patterned marbles, this kind of decoration or handcraft become instinct in our current century, you only can found these kind of finishing if you lucky enough to step into another ancient building which is more than 100 years old.

Pillar which is not concrete but wood also serve the temple more than 250 years old... Not sure whether is the preservation are welly done or the toughness of the wood is a wonder. You still can find the pillar are standing here strong after many years of sun shinning and raining polling on to it. You will not only find one in the temple but many of them still under very well condition.

This lady is doing her praying.

Guess what, this is not a safe but a donation box which made by solid steel. 

This is the statute of the Holy Thien Hou Mother, or you may call her the 天后圣母. 

 The side hall at the Temple which able to provide local people to gather here for some festive season of even to hold some former meeting.

Noticeboard that show case the publication about the Temple. Many activities and great news happened in this Temple... you can have some reading if you understand the local language.

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