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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vietnam . Trung Nguyen Coffee . "Chapter 24"

Walking into the Vietnam No. 1 Coffee Chain store by the name of Trung Nguyen Coffee... they claim to be serving the Best Coffee in Vietnam. To us we will definitely never want to miss out the chance to discover what is so great about till they able to claim themselves the Best. 

After we have our seat only we realize we are the last customer to them for the day as it is already almost 10 pm local time in the evening. 
But still there are 2 customer enjoying their coffee while we are here, I can tell they are not from local from their outfit.

I think many local people will not be here because it is quite expensive for local people perhaps. 
Opened up the menu, we discover that the coffee here are quite premium, we ordered the Legendee Gold Coffee which claim to be the best coffee in the shop and it cost us 135,000 don.

After a few second of thought I decide to get the most premium choice... which is the Legendee Gold Coffee and I want it to be served with ICE. I doubt that I choosing the wrong serving as normal if you want get a good taste of a coffee you should have get it in warm serving. 
This Coffee serve with the coffee bean which is similar to the Indonesia's Luwak Coffee... and they both are the world most premium type of Coffee...

The coffee are quite impressive... at the very 1st seep, if you want me to descript how it taste like, I would say is surely taste like you are drinking a cup of XO. It will hard printed into your mind and never you will forget it. Although I want it to be serve in ICE but still the taste are very strong and very good in texture. It is so fragrant when the coffee is in your mouth, I worth say I had never tasted something like this before and it is truly worth the penny.