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Friday, March 8, 2013

Hong Kong . Beef Noodle . 龙记招牌云吞

Early in the morning if you decided to take some breakfast rather than normal 茶餐室, you may want to consider this. A restaurant name by 龙记招牌云吞 is definitely a good choice for you to try out. This restaurant located at No.3, Ground Floor, Lee Wai Commercial Building, 1-3 Hart Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, H.K.
九龙尖沙咀赤德道 1-3号利威商业大厦3号铺.

Perhaps  we are too early or most of the people in Hong Kong are working in retail line so hardly see people walking on street early in the morning before 10am. After we sited in the Shop, I found out there is Luxury car parked outside the shop... well what does it sound to you?
May be this shop is not quite renowned as other put never under estimate the this shop... 
Bottle coke cola are hardly found nowadays but still you have it here... someone said the taste are quite different from the can container, but to me is exactly the same but the only different is we are drinking not only the Coke but the feelings... Feelings of the older days, the feelings of our childhood also feelings of our memorable movement.

Less than 10 minutes, the meet ball and the "wan tan" served to us in a big bowl. To be honest, the 云吞 are little too big for a bite, but surprisingly the is really fresh and chew-able. Once you put in your mouth, you can clearly tells that every ingredient in it is nothing but fresh big prawns. Yummy... is the last word I can say.

Well, the noodles are as tasty as the 云吞, just can't stop eating after your first bite... 

Another famous menu you must try is the Beef noodle, the beef slide into small and thin pieces... It is so smooth and delicious... but it was slightly over salty...

Of course 油菜心 is the local favorite, also oyster sauce also you must order separately, else they won't put it for you. So remember when you have your order here.
They are in the middle of packing the 云吞 “wan tan”. 

No.3, Ground Floor, Lee Wai Commercial Building, 1-3 Hart Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, H.K.
九龙尖沙咀赤德道 1-3号利威商业大厦3号铺

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